Rustic wedding dresses have become a bit of a trend of late with casual, boho looks becoming the staple of some high end boutiques as well as more budget options. So for the modern rustic look think lace, maybe floral patterns if you are not worried about wearing white and softer, looser silhouettes.

Whether you are hoping to buy your rustic wedding dress online or from a traditional boutique its always good to have an idea of what is out there in terms of styles, prices, materials and designers. So you could open up google and search for boho, vintage and rustic wedding dresses or you can look at the websites below. These options cover the high street to mid range boutique priced dresses available online.

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Rustic Wedding dresses from the High Street

These shops are the cheapest (although not as cheap as you might expect) and have the smallest collections so you can tick them off the list quickly if you do not like their designs. If you do like them then you are a winner because the further down the list we go the more expensive they get.

For a small collection of wedding dresses costing between £199 to £495 check out Phase Eight.  With this shop you are going to get a more budget friendly dress which is also of a good quality.  Also if you are interested in colour or floral prints for your dress you could also get a non-bridal maxi dress which can be significantly cheaper and just as beautiful in many cases. Phase Eight offers free returns if you are unhappy with your dress and has five star reviews. 

Like Phase EightMonsoon has both a small collection of wedding dresses and also a collection of occasion dresses and maxi dresses which you could use as your rustic wedding dress if you want colour in your dress or your budget is tighter.  Monsoon’s wedding dresses range from £249 to £499 so still in the cheaper category but not super cheap. They also has a few bridal separates if you want to mix and match with another stores skirt or top as well as accessories and shoes. Here are the best rustic options.

Another small collection of wedding dresses can be found at Whistles. These are a touch more expensive than Phase Eight and Monsoon ranging from £229 to £649 in price. Although Whistles only has eleven wedding dress designs they are mostly very rustic in design giving you a bit more choice than other high street brands.  

Although Oasis has temporarily shut down their website due to Covid-19 but hopefully they will be back soon.  Before they shut their website down they had a tiny collection of wedding dresses but with a few great rustic looks. Oasis are cheaper than the other options so far ranging from £230 to £300 and they offer a range of accessories that fit within the cheaper end of the budget.

For the biggest collection of high street bridal wear check out Asos. They have hundreds of bridal looks and mostly range from £89 to £345 with most costing around £90 to £120. With this many options you can bet there are some great rustic wedding dresses to choose from.  You could also find your accessories from Asos as they also have a small range of shoes and bags to complete your look.  

A  small but good collection of wedding dresses ranging from £79 to £150 can be found at Dororthy Perkins. They also have veils as well as their normal range of accessories which might hold the shoes and bag needed to complete your look.

Another high street option with a small collection of wedding dresses ranging from £195 to £495 is Ghost. There are a couple of great rustic looks and if you are in a hurry Ghost can arrange next day delivery. But for the perfect fit you might consider organising a seamstress to fit the dress as they only have generic sizes. 

The place to find a unique and different wedding look is Net-A-Porter. They have thousands of dresses and lots of designers ranging from high end fashion to high street. The prices range from £260 to £4,690. Net-A-Porter deliver to over 170 countries including the UK and are able to take returns. The dresses are sold in regular clothes sizes so you might want to get it adapted before your big day. 

Bridal Boutiques for Rustic Wedding Dresses

These are the places completely dedicated to bridal wear and accessories. They have bigger collections than the high street options but can be a lot more expensive.  

If there is a designer that’s aesthetic is pure rustic it is Grace Loves Lace. This is an Australian company than can deliver internationally. The designs at Grace Loves Lace incorporate a lot of lace and backless looks. The prices are in the higher range with the cheapest dress being £870 and the most expensive £3010. Most dresses are in the £2000 vicinity. These dresses are made to order specifically to your measurements so they take a bit longer to be made and delivered than high street options.  However, they do not take as long as a traditional bridal boutique shop.   Although one thing to bear in mind is that Grace Loves Lace will not accept returns unless there is a manufacturing issue with the dress because the dress will have been to your custom measurements.

There are lots of options at Catherine Deane including dresses and separates. The dresses range in price from £695 to £1750 so they are not too expensive for a bridal boutique. Catherine Deane also do trunk shows from time to time so you could find a cheaper dress at one of those if you are lucky.   One thing Catherine Deane can offer you that some of these other shops cannot is the option to try their dresses on.  That is if you make an appointment and you can get to their boutique in London. 

I love the idea of comfort in a wedding dress and what is more comfortable than trousers? So if you are considering a luxury but comfortable outfit  check out House of Ollichon.  This shop is a little bit different to the others as they specialise in bridal jumpsuits and separates for around £875 to £1250. Even if you want to wear a dress on your wedding day it might still be worth checking out the bridal separates at House of Ollichon to mix with a skirt from somewhere else.  Or if you are needing a going away outfit what could be cooler than a white jumpsuit.  Finally, if you would rather try on the outfits and you are able to get to London you can book an appointment for the House of Ollichon boutique. 

An American company with a huge collection of wedding dresses is BHLDN. This company has been around for a while in America and now we can enjoy their collection of budget friendly dresses in the UK because they ship internationally.   The dresses from BHLDN range in price from £119 to £2,011 but they also have an extensive collection of rings, shoes, veils and hair accessories.    If you are concerned about buying a dress online you can have a virtual style consultation on BHLDN which is a great way to get advice on shapes and styles that suit you. The only potential issue is that returning any items can be costly and difficult with BHLDN but if you love a design they might still be a good choice for you. 

Other Options For Rustic Wedding Dresses

These places are not really high street and they are not bridal shops but they can still be great places to look for your wedding outfit.

There are a huge range of dresses and bridal separates from designers all over the world on Etsy. The dresses range in price from the very cheapest dresses you will see to the most expensive and with so many designers you have more chance of finding a bargain.  On the other hand Etsy can be tricky for wedding dresses as some of the listings are not completely legit. That being said if you are careful and thoroughly check a sellers reviews you can find lost of beautiful rustic wedding dresses.  I know this because I brought my rustic wedding dress from an Etsy shop called Wardrobe by Dulcinea which is a great shop to check out.  

The UK answer to Etsy is Folksy.  This website is a bit smaller than Etsy and Folksy is not as well known so there is not always a lot of options when it comes to wedding dresses here.  However, it is still worth a look for vintage, second hand and UK designers. The prices can range from £200 to £3,000 but this depends on the available dresses at the time.

Oxfam can be a bit hit and miss for bridal wear as it is a charity shop and it depends on donations for their stock. That being said if you are lucky you might find a bargain wedding dress on Oxfam with the added bonus of donating money to charity at the same time.

Preloved is a place where people sell their old clothes. There are always a lot of wedding dresses available on Preloved for less than the dress would cost originally.  So if you desperately want a Grace Loves Lace dress but cannot afford it, Preloved might be your place. That being said it can be hard to find what you want on Preloved and it is not always easy to know what you are looking at when you find it because the photos and information can be iffy.  

Ruffled rustic wedding dresses
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What to do when you  buy your dress online

If you do decide to get your dress online there are a bunch of things you need to consider before you hand over any money.  The sites listed on this blog are all legit and trustworthy but you need to be careful with Etsy, Preloved and Folksy as the sellers might not be all they seem. 

1. Is the listing legit?

To check the listing you are after is legit look at the sellers reviews, do a google search for their shop name and see if any bad reviews come up. You can also right click on the image and search google for it. If you find that the image is from a more expensive or more reputable site, the image has been stolen. Do not buy the dress! You will either not get anything for your money or you will get a really cheap knock off.

2. What suits your body shape?

Know your body shape and what suits you. If you are going for colour make sure you suit it. This is something I stressed about for a long time. I tried to figure out my body shape and the colours I suited in the most complicated ways possible.  Eventually I just had to brave it but buying from a designer on Etsy meant I could ask her for advice.

3. Are returns an option?

Check whether the shop will accept returns. With with cheaper high street options they will take returns because the dresses are in standard sizes. As soon as you start looking at custom made dresses you will struggle to get free returns. Make sure to check the shops policies before purchasing especially if the dress is at the top end of your budget.

4. Adjusting your dress?

Factor in time for adjustments at your local seamstress. Maybe get a local seamstress to take your measurements too if your seller needs them to make your dress. It is not as easy as it sounds.

5. Quality control

Check the quality. There are lots of cheap wedding dresses online. Sometimes these are straight up fraudulent accounts where people copy photos from legitimate listings and advertise the dress for way cheaper than you know it should be. Other times the dress is legit but it is cheap because the quality is not as good. If you are good with that then carry on, if you want better fabric maybe raise your budget.

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Hopefully you now have everything you need to buy your wedding dress online!  If you have success or need more advice drop us a line in the comments.

Modern Rustic Weddings uses affiliate links.  Affiliate links mean that sometimes if you click through to a website and register or purchase something, we get a commission from that sale at no extra cost to you.  All opinions and reviews are our own. 


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