Some people love planning their wedding decorations whilst others are less enthusiastic. However, the beauty of rustic wedding decorations is that they can be as simple or as hard as you want them to be.  Although some venues will do the decorations for you, you can always save money by doing it yourself. Either way to make sure you nail the rustic look you will need some rustic themed wedding decorations, the easier the better. I have listed my top eight types of rustic wedding decorations with 30 ideas to get to you started!

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Plants For Rustic Wedding Decorations

A rustic theme often uses plants and flowers to add that wild, natural look. There are so many amazing things you can do with plants and flowers depending on your budget and your enthusiasm for decorating but here we are focusing on the easy ideas.

Rustic micro wedding ideas for your wedding favours include pot plantsafy plant growing
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay
Close up of ivy which can be great rustic wedding ceremony decorations
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

1. Floral wreaths For Wedding Decorations

Etsy has an endless supple of floral wreaths and hoops that you can buy ready made to be hung around your venue.  Many are made with dried flowers making them extra rustic!  You could also look at doubling up your bouquets as wedding decorations by having bridal hoops for bouquets.  These can then be hung behind the top table or at the front of the table after the ceremony is over.

2. Ivy Rustic Wedding Decorations

You could use ivy garlands or fake ivy garlands, if your venue doesn’t want an ivy infestation after your wedding.  For the faux ivy look you can buy garlands online and drape them around your venue interiors or lay them on your tables.  They also make great decorations on your wedding ceremony chairs or as aisle markers by being draped along the edges of the aisle.

3. Pot Plants Can Be Wedding Decorations

Something I love, is the idea of pots of herbstreesflowers or succulents as wedding decorations. These can be used as your table centrepieces and have the added bonus of being an eco wedding favour for anyone that wants to take one home. Lots of these can be brought already potted and ready to go.   Or to save a bit of money you can buy rustic pots from your local garden center or Garden Trading and start your plants from seed.

4. Hanging Baskets As Rustic Wedding Decorations

If your venue has the right places to hang them Hanging baskets can add a touch of colour to your venue. This is one that you could go down to your local garden centre for.  If they don’t have combinations you like you could even make your own!

5. Dried Flowers For Your Decorations

For great low maintenance rustic wedding decorations try dried flowers.  They really suit the rustic theme and have the added benefit of not wilting so you can get them sorted the day before your wedding.  Also to make things really simple you can buy dried flower arrangements on Etsy or Not on the High Street.  Or you could buy the flowers and arrange them yourself.

6. Succulent Rustic Wedding Decorations

Some cool rustic wedding decorations are succulents. If your budget stretches to it you can buy large succulents to be your centrepieces or you could buy a small one for every guest and use them as your table decorations as well as your wedding favours.

Lights As Rustic Wedding Decorations

No matter what time of day your wedding will take place the party is likely to go on long into the night.  As such, you will need some lighting at some point so you might as well embrace them as decorations.

rustic wedding decorations Idea - candles
Image by Studiolarsen from Pixabay
Rustic wedding decorations idea - lamps
Image by Marko Tomic from Pixabay

7. Fairy Lights For Decorations

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? They are the best at creating a beautiful atmosphere and will look lovely in your photos. There are so many options in size and style now and they get cheaper all the time. If you have time, buy them when they are on sale after Christmas.  But if you don’t have time for this you can still get them for a reasonable price on Amazon. The lights can be hung around your venue or outside, placed on your tables or in vases as part of your centerpieces.   For a particularly beautiful wedding decoration check out these origami fairy lights on Etsy.

8. Tea Light Rustic Wedding Decorations

Cheap and effective rustic wedding decorations are tea lights. If you buy them in bulk they are really affordable.  Also if you have someone at the ready to light them, tea lights can add a beautiful atmosphere to your venue. 

9. Lamps as Wedding Decorations

A more expensive but perfect option for a modern rustic wedding is to use lamps to cast atmospheric light on your tables and the venue. You can buy beautiful designs on Etsy if your budget allows and you want to make a feature of the lamps. Or you could keep an eye out in your local charity shops in the lead up to your wedding. If you are having an evening ceremony you can also use lamps as aisle markers.  The only issue is getting power to your lamps which is where solar lights are great..

10. Candles as Decorations

To add atmosphere to your venue you can use candles as table decorations. You could buy large candles to use as center pieces or smaller ones to place around your tables that your guests could take home as wedding favours after the event. Amazon stocks bulk options for candles but if you are after more special ones check out Etsy.  One thing to keep in mind is fire safety!  If there are any concerns use led candles.  Another thing is maybe steer clear of scented candles.  You don’t want to overwhelm your venue with different smells.

Rustic Wedding Decoration Signs

If your wedding is rustic it is likely to be outdoors in a farm or rural environment. For this you will need beautiful and rustic signs to direct your guests where to park, where the ceremony is and where the reception is. These can add a special rustic touch to the day.

Rustic wedding decorations idea - wedding sign on wood with white writing and a red bow
Image by Graham Gladstone from Pixabay

11. Custom Signs As Decorations

You can buy custom signage designs from Etsy or you can make your own out of pallets and paint.  If you are looking for inspiration check out our Pinterest board and you will see that often the simplest and easiest signs are the most beautiful and rustic.

12. Seating Plan Wedding Decorations

If you are having a seating plan you will need a table plan to direct people to their seats. There are so many options here. You may wish to have the design match your wedding invitations or you might choose a new rustic design from Etsy or Not On The High Street. These can be made extra rustic with wooden easels, straw bales and flowers.

13. Place Card Decorations

Again your place cards might want to match your rustic wedding invitations but even if they don’t match it is an opportunity to add some rustic flare to your tables. Etsy has some great designs.

Glassware and Ceramic Rustic Wedding Decorations

Glasses and ceramic bowls or cups can add a unique rustic touch to your decorations.  As they do not really need to match they can also be quite affordable if you can find enough items in your local charity shops or Ebay.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Rustic wedding decorations idea - mason jar of flowers
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

14. Glass Bottles As Decorations

Old glass bottles can make beautiful rustic additions to your table decorations. Also they can be embellished further with dried or fresh flowers, origami figures or just left empty.

15. Bowls and Cups For Your Wedding Decorations

Ceramic or stoneware bowls and cups can be add an extra touch of the rustic to your table decorations. Maybe they could hold your place cards, act as wedding favours for your guest or hold flowers or sweets.

16. Antique Glass Rustic Wedding Decorations

You can also make a feature of your guests glasses by buying each guest an an old fashioned wine glass. As such, the glasses can be your guests drinking vessel for the night, a cool table decoration and a wedding favour!  Amazon and your local charity shop are the places to look for these.

Paper Rustic Wedding Decorations

Paper decorations might not sound instantly rustic or wedding appropriate but there are so many paper decorations to choose from.  All of which can be extra rustic and beautiful.  Just keep an eye on the weather for any outdoor paper decorations!

Rustic wedding decorations idea - origami
Image by Anke Sundermeier from Pixabay
Rustic wedding decorations idea - lanterns
Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay

17. Paper Lanterns For Rustic Wedding Decorations

To enhance your other rustic wedding decorations you could hang paper lanterns in your venue or its gardens.  You can buy these ready to go from Etsy or you could try to make your own.

18. Paper Confetti Wedding Decorations

A good cheap wedding decoration is paper confetti.   For this one all you need is a decorative shaped hole punch and some old books or magazines and you can create heaps of confetti to throw around your tables. These can also be put in paper cones to be given out at the ceremony.

19. Paper Flowers As Wedding Decorations

Etsy stocks heaps of paper flowers that would make beautiful rustic wedding decorations. They are also extra good decorations because they will never wilt.  So with paper flowers you can get your decorations sorted well in advance of your day.  These can also be hung on string in garlands, made into bouquets or used as a backdrop.

20. Origami Rustic Wedding Decorations

Origami birdsbutterflies or any animals you love can add simple but beautiful decorations to your tables, the walls or your ceremony.

21. Streamers For Your Wedding Decorations

You can buy streamers in any colour you want to match your rustic theme and hang around your venue.

22. Pinwheels As Decorations

For a simple paper centerpiece buy pin-wheels or paper fans to be arranged in vases as centerpiece decorations. Also the pin-wheels can be used as toys by any children invited. Etsy has a large selection.

Tables and Chairs as Rustic Wedding Decorations

Although tables and chairs are a necessity they can also be a great way to exhibit your theme. If you get the right rustic style furniture you can also save on linens and other decorations because often rustic mean simple!

Image by AnnaRiseborough from Pixabay
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

23. Rustic Wooden Tables and Chairs

If you are able to get hold of simple wooden tables and chairs  you can create a stunning rustic set up for your reception.  These tables are often more expensive to hire but you will not need to hire tablecloths and you can have minimal decorations because your furniture will do the talking.  

24. Hay Bales For Wedding Decorations

The most rustic seating you can imagine are hay bales. If you are able to get hold of some they can be great rustic seating for your ceremony and your venue. You just might need to cover them a little bit with fabric to protect your friends clothes.

24. Extra Rustic Furniture

If you have the money and the space you could set up additional seating areas with sofas and maybe a chaise lounge.  You can get these from many hire companies or your venue might have some on hand.  Also if you add tall lamps and wooden trunks you have a very rustic area.

Linen As Rustic Wedding Decorations

Your wedding linens are another thing you have probably thought of as a boring expense.  However, they can be an opportunity to make your tables and venue look extra special.

Rustic wedding decorations idea - bunting
Image by Foxy_ from Pixabay

26. Table linen Decorations

The most rustic table linens you could use are lace. If you have a wooden table a simple lace runner down the center will make it extra rustic and special. You can get lace runners from Etsy. However, If you require the full lace table cloth affect it would probably be best to hire them.

27. Photography Backgrounds as Decorations

 If you are having a photo station, the photography backdrop can take up a large space in your venue so it is good if they have beautiful designs and become part of your rustic decoration theme. Amazon have a few great designs for reasonable prices.

28. Bunting Is Perfect Rustic Wedding Decorations

If any one thing on this list says rustic it is bunting. Check out Etsy and Not on the High Street for great bunting designs.  Or if you have the sewing skills you could make some bunting yourself. Bunting is great for hanging around your reception venue, your ceremony location and any outdoors areas.

Other Ideas For Rustic Wedding Decorations

Smoke bombs and bubbles – do they have a category?

Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels

29. Smoke Bombs As Decoations

It is becoming more popular to set off smoke bombs to add colour to your wedding photographs. They can also be used to mark the end of the ceremony or the start of the party.

30. Bubbles For Your Wedding Decorations

Maybe bubbles are not strictly a decoration but they can be.  You can use a bubble making machine to spread bubbles throughout your venue.  This can add a great affect to your wedding photographs or just distract any kids at the party.   Another option is to give your guests bottles of bubble mixture as wedding favours.  They can then take control of the bubbles. 

Rustic Wedding Flowers - Wedding bouquet on a wooden table
Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

Have you got your rustic wedding decorations sorted?  If you need any wedding ceremony decoration ideas check out our blog.  Let us know in the comments what you are planning.

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