You might think your wedding flowers are an easy eco element to nail but its nor quite that simple.  Obviously plastic and artificial flowers should be avoided.  However, fresh and dried flowers are also not necessarily eco friendly.  There are a whole of range of issues with cut flowers.  Firstly there is the environmental damage caused by the agrichemicals and water used to grow them.  Secondly, there is the carbon footprint of the freight needed to transport the flowers to your florist to consider. So if this is something that concerns you, don’t panic!   Here are eight ways to find beautiful eco wedding flowers for your rustic wedding. 

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1. Forage for your eco wedding flowers

Eco wedding flowers. The image depicts a woman potting a plant.
Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels

Instead of buying flowers from a florist you could look at foraging for flowers in your garden or maybe your friends gardens. This is both a lot cheaper than buying flowers and means that you know that the flowers are organic (if you grow organic flowers in your garden that is). Even better than this is the fact that rustic wedding flowers can be quite simple so you don’t need to worry about making ornate arrangements.  Also dried flowers, twigs and leafy material  are super rustic and will not droop as they age so they are perfect for preparing in advance.  You can put these flowers in old glass jars as your table centerpieces or if you are super creative you can try your hand at bouquet making.

2. Go foam free

Whether you choose to go with a florist or make your own arrangements make sure you go foam free.  This is because the foam bases traditionally used by florists are not biodegradable and contain known carcinogens. So all in all florist foam is not great stuff.  Luckily rustic weddings often don’t require elaborate floral centerpieces so you could just go with the jar and dried flowers look for your tables.  Or if you are using a florist request they make the arrangements without the foam forms. 

3. Find the right florist and flowers for your eco wedding flowers

One thing you can do to help your wedding waste quota is to be extra vigilant in choosing your florist.  So before selecting your florist make sure to ask them lots of questions about where the flowers come from and how they are grown. Make sure the flowers are not being imported from overseas and that they are being grown as locally as possible. Also check that the flowers have been grown organically and are free of pesticides and herbicides.

Rustic wedding flowers - Bunches of fresh flowers for wedding ceremony decorations
Photo by Secret Garden from Pexels

4. Use dried flowers for your eco wedding

The image depicts eco wedding flowers
Photo by paul wence from Pexels

Using dried flowers instead of fresh can be a great way to make your  wedding flowers more eco friendly. Also dried flowers last months if you look after them well.  As such, they can be used in your house or your guests houses long after your wedding day. But it still helps to know where your flowers were grown and what pesticides might have been used to grow them. Also if you are on this website because you are planning a rustic wedding then dried flowers are perfect – they are super rustic!  Check out Etsy for sustainable dried flowers.

5. Eco wedding flowers made of paper

When you think of eco wedding flowers you probably don’t think of paper but there are actually some great paper bouquets and arrangements online.  Obviously you are looking for arrangements made of recycled or sustainable paper.  One option with a big range of bouquets made from recycled paper is Etsy.  Another option for beautiful and colourful paper bouquets and boutonnieres is Paper tree.  The bouquets at Paper Tree are so colourful you would never guess they are made of paper.  However, one downside of paper flowers is there are not many large arrangements available.

6. Online sustainable flowers

If all this has overwhelmed you a bit then be happy to know that there are lots of eco wedding flowers options online.  The natural wedding company has a great list of British florists who are sustainable and locally sourced.   Our favourites are Wolves Lane Flower Company and The Real Cut Flower Garden.

7. Pot plants

Eco wedding flowers can include pot plants as shown in this image depicting a cactus in a terracotta pot
Photo by Dids from Pexels

These may not work for your bouquet but pot plants make great table centerpieces, aisle markers and general reception decorations.  Also they are a great sustainable option because they will keep living long after the wedding. Additionally they can make great wedding favours or just a gift for yourself.  This way they will not go to waste after you wedding day.  Check out your local garden center for ideas.

8. Gift your leftover flowers

One of the main waste issues with wedding flowers is that they are only used for one day and then often tossed away. One solution is to reuse your ceremony flowers in your reception venue so that less flowers are wasted. Also this makes your decorations cheaper! Another way is to gift your flowers to a local nursing home after the event. You will just need to find a nursing home or hospice that would like them before the day.  Then arrange for the delivery of the flowers after your wedding day.

Eco wedding flowers. The image depicts a bride and groom holding a bouquet
Photo by Trung Nguyen from Pexels

So is there anything we missed?  Let us know below what other eco wedding flowers ideas there are out there.

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