Wedding favours can be tricky things. By the time you get to thinking about them it is often late in the game and the budget is getting close to its limit. At this point the favours can seem like a chore and an extra expense but there are lots of ways to make them fun and affordable.  One great way to achieve this is through giving your guests edible rustic wedding favours. After all you can always add a few extras to your order for you and your fiance to enjoy too!

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The realm of edible rustic wedding favours is huge! Basically anything you can eat can be a wedding favour, if you like it and can find vast quantities of it. So we have broken these up into catergories with ideas for each type of edible wedding favour. This particular blog is very much of the buy it ready made variety but sometimes you might need some gift bags or tags. These can be purchased in bulk from Etsy or Amazon.  On the other hand if you are looking for a more diy type of wedding favour check out our guide to making wedding favour cookies.

Baked Edible Rustic Wedding Favours

People often think baking is a great option for budget friendly wedding favours as you only need a few simple ingredients.   However, not everyone is a baker or has time to bake.  If this is you, do not worry you can find lots of ready made and beautiful baked goods online.  

edible rustic wedding favours - biscuits
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay
edible rustic wedding favours -Cake pops
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay
edible rustic wedding favours -Brownie
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

1. Biscuits and cookies for favours

The favourite choice of the do it yourself wedding is definitely biscuit favours.  However, you can also buy gift bags of biscuits and cookies from Etsy. I particularly like the fortune cookies!  These can cost between 50p  to £3 per biscuit.

If you cannot find any ready made favour options you like you could also consider buying biscuits on your weekly shop leading up to your wedding, source them from a local bakery or buy them online. The biscuits  can then be arranged in gift bags for each guest.

2. Cupcake wedding favours

One way of saving money on your favours and your cake is to have a cupcake tower as your wedding cake.  This way when you have cut your cake you can tell your guests to  take a cupcake home as a gift.   No one needs to know you got your wedding cake and favours for the price of one.  That being said cupcakes are a more expensive wedding favour with the prices around £2 to £4 per cupcake.

3. Cake Pops for your edible rustic wedding favours

Another good cake wedding favour is cake pops as they are small, very different to wedding cake and they are delicious. There are some great cake pops on Etsy and Not on the High Street but they can be a more expensive wedding favour depending on how many you need.  Cake pops can cost between £1 to £3 each but if you can afford it they are quite special.

4. Brownies to make your guests smile

You could also give brownies as your wedding favours.  Etsy has brownies for sale or maybe it is a good one to go to your local bakery for?  If you have time before your wedding you could buy a tray bake from Etsy or your local bakery, cut it up into bitesize chunks and package them for your guests.  Depending on the size of your parcels these can cost between 50p to £1.50 per guest. The packaging can be as simple as brown paper and string.  After all, nothing is more rustic than brown paper and string!

Chocolate as Edible Rustic Wedding Favours

Who doesn’t love chocolate? There are so many chocolate varieties for your edible rustic wedding favours, from a Mars bar to personalised hot chocolate kits. This could be as simple as buying lots of your favourite chocolates and either placing them straight on the table for a casual look or putting them in gift bags.

Hot chocolate
Image by 272447 from Pixabay
edible rustic wedding favours -Chocolate love hearts
Image by Monika Schröder from Pixabay
edible rustic wedding favours -Chocolate truffles
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

5. Kinder Eggs as edible rustic wedding favours

A great idea is to just buy a kinder egg for every guest. You can buy these in bulk on amazon where they can work out at between £1 to £2 per egg depending on the amount you buy.

6. Personalised Chocolate Favours

In the personalised chocolate category you can buy simple squares of chocolate with your text printed on the packet or you can go for chocolates moulded any shape you want. These are available from Etsy and can be a really cheap yet personal wedding favour with some costing as little as 20p per chocolate.  However,  this varies depending on the number purchased and the quality of the chocolate.

7. Chocolate Hearts for wedding favours

Another simple option for edible rustic wedding favours are chocolate hearts.  You can buy these to loosely cover your tables  or package them in gift bags for each guest. These are another potentially cheap option from Etsy working out at around 10p to 25p  per chocolate depending on how many you need.

8. Hot Chocolate Kits as favours

A popular choice is hot chocolate kits as wedding favours. There are a few varieties on Etsy. I particularly like these test tube kits which work out at around £2 per guest.  These can be personalised with tags and they give your guests something to enjoy after the day has ended.  

9. Seasonal Chocolate for the rustic wedding favour

Depending on the season of your wedding, chocolate might be a good way to mark it. You can use chocolate pine cones to decorate a table and to be given as favours in winter. Mini eggs or cream eggs might be a good choice in spring and chocolate flowers might be the way to go for spring or summer.  These can be a cheaper option on amazon with the cream eggs costing around 40 per egg and a 3kg bag of mini eggs costing £18.98.

Sweets Can Be Edible Rustic Wedding Favours

Like chocolate the sweets as wedding favours options are infinite. Do you have a favourite variety of sweets? Maybe just buy some from the supermarket and put them on the tables. Again these can be prettied up with gift bags but if you are having a more casual affair just place them straight on the tables.

edible rustic wedding favours - Jelly Beans
Image by FoodieFactor from Pixabay
edible rustic wedding favours - Love heart sweets
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay
Loveheart candy
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

10. Love Hearts as wedding favours

Some obvious choices for wedding favours are Love Heart sweets. These can be brought in bulk from Amazon  for around 10p per pack making them a great budget option.  The packets can either be placed straight on the table or put into gift bags with tags.   You can even buy personalised Love Heart sweet packets from Etsy for around 50p per packet depending on the number of packets you need. 

11. Fudge as edible rustic wedding favours

A good rustic wedding favour choice is often fudge.  You could get a variety of flavours and mix them up or just choose your favourite for all your guests to enjoy.  It is both delicious and a crowd pleaser for all generations.  Etsy  even has some great fudge wedding favours for £1.75 a bag.

12. Stick of Rock for your guests

Maybe if you are getting married in the summer near a beach a stick of rock would be a good choice. Amazon  has a few different wedding themed options for around 15p to 30p per sweet.

13. Truffles can be rustic wedding favours

A more decadent choice is definitely truffles. You could buy a variety of flavours and mix them up in each gift bag or buy ready packaged truffles.  Etsy and Not on the High Street have truffle wedding favours for £2.20 to £3.95 per box.

14 Marshmallows as edible rustic wedding favours

A popular choice for rustic themed weddings with a fire pit or BBQ is marshmallows. If you have some sticks at the ready everyone will be enjoying marshmallows around the fire before you know it.  Etsy has a few different options including personalised marshmallows for around £1.40 per packet.

15. Rustic Lollipops for wedding favours

A nice whimsical choice is lollipops!  There are even super rustic lollipops with flowers inside available on Etsy for £1.35 per lollipop.   

16. Jelly Beans for your favours

Everyone likes Jelly beans right? You can buy these in bulk to give out in gift bags or place in bowls on the tables.   To buy the beans in bulk will cost £10 for 1.4 kg or you can buy small packets of jelly beans for around 40p per pack. 

17. Candy Canes as rustic wedding favours

For a winter or Christmas time wedding, candy canes can be a great and not too expensive option.  Amazon has lots of candy cane packs working out at around 30p per candy cane.

Fruit as Edible Rustic Wedding Favours?

Depending on the season fruit can be a lovely wedding favour and definitely fits in the rustic wedding theme. This one requires a bit of last minute wrangling as you definitely cannot buy the fruit too far in advance but it is a simple and potentially cost effective rustic wedding favour.

Bowl of berries
Image by NickyPe from Pixabay
Two red apples
Image by 955169 from Pixabay

18. Apples and Pears for the healthy wedding favour

Some people use apples or pears as place card holders and then your guests can enjoy a healthy treat when they have found their space.

19. Berries as edible rustic wedding favours

If you are getting married at the right time of year berries can make a tasty rustic wedding favour.  You can put them in gift bags or jars on the tables for each of your guests. 

20. Dried Fruit for wedding favours

This one might be a love it or hate it food group but if you love it why not consider making up bags of dried fruit for your guests.   You could even give out small boxes of Sun-Maid Raisons  for a quirky and vintage wedding favour costing around 70p per pack.  

Savoury Edible Rustic Wedding Favours

A lot of the edible wedding favour options are sweet but not everyone has a sweet tooth so you might consider a savoury option?

Bag of nuts
Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

21. Nuts can be edible rustic wedding favours

With so many varieties of nuts available in different price ranges you can pick your favourites or the most affordable ones, buy them in bulk and distribute them among gift bags.  Amazon has a few different options ranging in price from £12 to £20 per kg.

22. Crisps could be your wedding favours

Perhaps not the classiest of favours but if you love crisps why not buy your favourites in bulk from Amazon for around 20p per bag and give them to all your guests.  You can also make them more rustic by choosing  packets with a rustic or earthy feel like Ten Acres though these are more expensive at around 90p per pack.

Condiments For Edible Rustic Wedding Favours

One of my initial ideas for edible rustic wedding favours was handmade tomato sauce. I make a batch of this every year so it seemed easy enough to get some little bottles for everyone. In reality it was going to be a lot of work and not necessarily that cheap. So instead why not buy ready made condiments as wedding favours.  Just be warned these edible rustic wedding favours are not cheap.

Jars of spices and herbs
Image by monicore from Pixabay
edible rustic wedding favours -Three jars of jam
Image by Tesa Robbins from Pixabay
edible rustic wedding favours -Bottle of olive oil
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

23. Chilli Sauce as wedding favours

A more expensive wedding favour is chilli sauce bottles from Etsy.  Each bottle costs £3 each and even if you buy lots of them the price only comes down by about 30p.  But if they fit within your budget they are a great rustic wedding favour. 

24. Tomato Sauce for your guests wedding favours

Etsy has lots of wedding favour size bottles of tomato sauce. Though they are more expensive than other edible wedding favours they can still be a great gift. The bottles are also recyclable and can be used by guests after they have eaten the sauce.  You can even get them personalised with your names printed on the bottles!

25. BBQ Sauce might be your ideal favour

Amazon has a large selection of small BBQ sauce bottles you can use as edible rustic wedding favours.  These bottles work out at around £3 per bottle.  If you want more BBQ sauce options you could also look at buying sample packs from Amazon which you can break up and give one  bottle per guest for around £3.60 per bottle.  To make them more gift like you could just tie a ribbon around them.

26. Olive Oil for an expensive wedding favour

An even more expensive option is olive oil wedding favours.  Etsy has a few different sellers with beautiful olive oil wedding favours. These will also look great with your rustic decorations but they will cost around £6 per bottle unless you buy a lot of them!

27. Honey and Jam as rustic wedding favours

Not on the High Street has a small selection of wedding favour size jars of honey and jam. Again these can be a more expensive wedding favour option but perfectly fit the rustic theme.  If you like this option you are looking at around £5 per jar of honey and £4 per jar of jam.

28. Herbs and Spices can be rustic wedding favours

A cheaper condiment option might be herbs or spice mixes. This is another possible do it yourself option if you can get hold of herbs and spices in bulk.  Good places to bulk buy herbs and spices is your local Asian supermarket or veggie store.  Once you have your favourite herbs and spices you can divide them up between different gift bags or jars and you have beautiful and edible rustic wedding favours.   Maybe you would rather buy them ready to go?  In that case there are lots of options on Etsy which can be both beautiful and sometimes expensive at around £2 per jar.

Soft Drink Can Be Edible Rustic Wedding Favours

If the alchohol wedding favours a bit further down the list are a bit pricey, soft drinks might be the more affordable way to go.  They also have the added benefit of being suitable for almost everyone.  Just maybe don’t give out the coffee beans to the kids.

edible rustic wedding favours -Coffee beans
Image by Couleur from Pixabay1
edible rustic wedding favours -Jar of tea leaves
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay1

29. Cordial wedding favours

You don’t often see cordial drinks as wedding favours but they can be a special and very rustic gift.  There are not many ready made cordial wedding favours online but if you get your hands on enough small bottles for your guests you can either fill them with homemade cordial or some you brought earlier from your local supermarket or Amazon.  The bottles work out at around 50p per bottle.

30. Coffee to keep the party going

Are you an enthusiastic coffee drinker and you know your guests are too?  Then coffee beans might be the right rustic wedding favour for you.  Ready made gift bags of coffee beans are listed on Etsy and Not on the High Street for around £1.50 to £3 per guest.  Or if you are particular about your bean you could bulk buy bags from your local cafe or supermarket and get yourself some gift bags or jars

31. Tea wedding favours

There are a lot of options and flavours when it comes to tea.  Etsy and Not on the High Street have some great tea wedding favours for around 50p to £1.50 per guest.  However,  you can also buy loose leaf tea in bulk online and distribute the tea in your gift bags for each of your guests.

Alcohol As Edible Rustic Wedding Favours

Of course if you pick this option you will need some non-alcoholic options for children and teetotalers. Depending on who your guests are this might be an option to miss or the best idea ever. As can also be guessed these are not the cheapest wedding favours availble

Glass of gin and tonic
Image by Sasa Stankovic from Pixabay
Bottles of alcohol in a bar
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 3

32. Wine for your guests

There are lots of varieties of mini wine bottles available from wine merchants. These can be given out as is or you could pretty them up with bows and tags.  The wine bottles work out at around £2.50 per bottle but if you are having a paid bar you can be happy that you have given your guests an extra free drink.

33. Champagne and Sparkling Wine wedding favours

Mini bottles of sparkling wine or even champagne could also be a fun option. Though champagne is also the most expensive wedding favour on the list!  Amazon has lots of sparkling wine minis for around £3 per bottle but the champagne is £15.75 per bottle!

34. Sprits as rustic wedding favours

For the more hardcore guest you could give out miniature bottles of spirits or cocktails.   Not on the High Street is the place for this one as they have a variety of different flavours and styles for around  £2 to £5 per bottle.  These can even be personalised!   

35. Beer wedding favours

For £2.50 per guest you could buy everyone a craft beer each.  Amazon has sets of 12 craft beers for £29.95.  These are full size bottles making them slightly more expensive but also more generous  wedding favours.

Rustic wedding dress with bouquet of flowers in front
Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

Have you decided on your edible rustic wedding favours?  Let us know what you chose in the comments or let us know of any ideas we missed!

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