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15 Rustic micro wedding ideas to make your wedding perfect

A micro wedding is kinda what you might expect – a traditional wedding with a smaller guest list.  From our research it seems there is not much consensus on how many guests constitute a micro wedding.  Some say less than 20 guests while others say less than 50 guests.  We are thinking less than 20 makes more sense as 50 guests is still quite a few to be considered micro.  However, it is your wedding so you decide what number constitutes micro to you and start planning with our rustic micro wedding ideas.  

Rustic micro wedding ideas - tis image depicts a man and woman sitting facing away from the camera with a field in front of them.
Photo by Văn Thắng from Pexels

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1. Your micro wedding guest list

The beauty of a micro wedding is you can limit your guest list to just the ones you love without any guilt.  This is especially true if you are planning a micro wedding due to Covid-19 as no one will hold it against you if they don’t make the cut.  Although obviously you would probably prefer to not have these strict limitations.  

So think of all the people in your lives and decide who you couldn’t get married without and only invite them.  Also don’t feel pressure to invite plus-ones and kids unless you love them too.  Although this might sound harsh you need to think that a big positive of having a micro wedding is that you will have more time to spend with your guests.  For this reason it is good to  make sure they are your favourites.  

2. Your rustic micro wedding party

Do you need a wedding party?  Although micro weddings are often quite traditional they don’t need to be.  Also in the current Covid-19 situation you will likely get away with a lot more than your traditional parents might have otherwise allowed.  So some choose to forego the bridesmaids and groomsmen when the guest list is so low.  Whereas Others might have a bunch of people in their bridal party.  

What you decide will be dependent on personal preference, the number of guests you have and other peoples expectations.  For these reasons we would say choose what makes you happy!  So if you would like a few of your favourite people to support you on the day, make sure you have a maid of honour and best man.  But equally if you would like to go it alone or maybe get ready with your partner set that up too.  

3. Invitations for your rustic micro wedding

With less invitations to send out you can up the budget per invite and go for extra ornate invitations.  These can then become a special keepsake of the day rather than a basic tool for organising your wedding.  Some great designs include custom watercolour pictures of your venue from Mono Art And Design on Etsy and cut work designs by Indy Bee Crafts on Etsy. Or if Etsy isn’t your place try Pure Invitation which has some beautiful rustic designs.

Of course you could also give out cheaper wedding invitations and just be happy that your wedding invitation bill will be small.  Some great budget rustic wedding invitations can be found on Etsy and Norma and Dorothy.  If you are looking for more rustic wedding invitation inspiration check out our post.  Or if you are planning a more green wedding check out these eco wedding invitation options. 

Rustic micro wedding ideas for your wedding invitations. Image depicts brown and floral cards
Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

4. Rustic micro wedding ideas for your announcement cards

Rustic micro wedding ideas. This image depicts a white wedding invitation with cream lace and ribbon.
Image by InspireCreateCelebrate from Pixabay

With such a small guest list you will probably need to tell those not invited that you have gotten married.  Most often these cards are sent out after the wedding to announce your nuptials and invite people to a future celebration (if that is what you are planning). 

However, you can also send announcement cards out before your wedding to let those not invited know of your plans.  But, this can be tricky to get right as some people will be upset that you have chosen to exclude them from your day.  For this reason we would advise you to tell as many people as you can of your plans face to face or other the phone before sending out any cards.  After all these cards are meant to makes those unable to attend feel included in the day so you don’t want them to cause upset. 

If you decide to send out announcement cards check out Etsy for great rustic designs including templates, custom designs and printed invitations. 

5. Rustic micro wedding ideas for your Venue

This is the exciting bit!  A micro wedding venue can be anywhere.  With your smaller guest list you can find unconventional, intimate or outdoors venues.  This is the benefit of no longer needing to  please your distant auntie that only believes in church weddings.  So think of places that you love, unconventional spaces and places that you couldn’t afford for a large wedding.  As this is where a micro wedding can win out.

This could mean getting married outdoors, in an elopement venue or a cool building you like.  If you are in the UK you may not be able to legally marry in these locations.  However, you can have a celebrant led ceremony at the venue of your choice on your wedding day and get the paperwork done another day.

Low waste weddings - Castle which could be used for a small wedding
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels
Wedding sign for a small wedding
Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels

6. Make a large venue intimate for your rustic micro wedding

If you booked a large venue pre-covid or you just really love a large space for your micro plans, don’t panic.  A large venue does not have to be a problem for your rustic micro wedding.  There are lots of ways to make a large space feel intimate and not at all awkward.

Firstly, consider creating separate areas within your large space.  This can be done by draping fabric to create romantic partitions.  Maybe you could also add extra seating areas with hired sofas and lamps to divide up your space.   

Secondly, have you hired a large venue with multiple rooms?  Then maybe think about using less traditional rooms for different aspects of your day.  So maybe you could have your ceremony in the library or living room of a historic house.  Or maybe you could have your reception in the venues lobby or even the garden under a marquee.  

Thirdly, consider your use of furniture.  Could you get larger, more dramatic tables for the reception dinner? These will take up space and make the room look fuller.  Or could you put the chairs in a circle for the ceremony with you at the center.  

Lastly, you could lower the ceiling by hanging drapes, ribbons or fairy lights in romantic loops.  This will make the space feel more intimate and special. 

7. Go for a destination micro wedding

A destination wedding often conjures up images of remote locations and exotic countries which is going to be tricky in 2020 and probably 2021.  But having a destination wedding in the UK can be just as exciting and stunning.  There are beautiful castles in Scotland and Wales, forests in Hampshire and Devon, as well as beautiful beaches in Cornwall.  With less guests invited you can pick your destination and have your guests all there.  So think of the type of destination you would like, make sure your important guests can make it and start planning. Just keep in mind the large problem that is Covid-19 and keep up to date with any changes in government advice

Rustic micro wedding ideas. The image depicts a wedding arbor on a beach with flowers, white fabric and a chalk board with 'just married' written on it
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels2

7. Try a restaurant for your micro wedding

Restaurants are surprisingly good wedding venues.  For a large wedding they are obviously out of the question but for a small wedding they are perfect.  They have the facilities you need, they have great food and they have great atmosphere.  So if you have a favourite restaurant maybe check out their availability for a small wedding reception.  

However, there are some things to consider if you are thinking of going with a restaurant.  Firstly, will you have exclusive access to the venue?  It is likely that you can book out at least a private space in a restaurant if not the whole venue.  But this might not be possible for such a small group or it could be extra expensive.  So you need to decide if you want your reception to be private or are you ok with other diners present.  Secondly, if you don’t have exclusive access to the space you may not have much of a party.  Are you ok with this or are you after a party that runs into the night?

8. Rustic micro wedding ideas for your celebrant or officiant

Your officiant is always important but with a micro wedding they are especially important.  After all with such a small guest list your celebrant is much more conspicuous.  So unless you are having a church wedding with your local priest, do some research into the type of celebrant you would like.  Your venue will likely have celebrants that they use regularly but don’t feel pressure to use them.  Think about the ceremony you would like and the type of person that could achieve this for you.  When you have a good idea of what you are after check out the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants directory and start contacting some celebrants.

9. Micro wedding photographers

It might seem extravagant but of all these rustic micro wedding ideas a photographer is one of the most important.  After all why should you not have the professional photos everyone else has just because your party is smaller? Also by having a photographer present you will get some great shots that you can use to announce your marriage on social media or in your announcement cards. Although any professional wedding photographer will be able to do a great job for your micro wedding you might consider hiring a small wedding specialist. These photographers will know exactly how to capture your day and make you feel comfortable in such an intimate setting. 

 To find your photographer you can try various directories or just do the classic google search for photographers in your area.  Make sure to check out the photographers rates as well as their style.  Most photographers have websites with portfolios of their work on.  These are a great way to decide what you would like in your photos and who can take them for you. 

10. Entertainment anyone?

The entertainment at a micro wedding can go all out or be very low key.  Depending on the vibe you are after, your budget and the current government guidelines, you can consider lots of different options.   Clearly you could get a band or a DJ for the evening but you could also consider games, a magician, a photo booth or maybe even fireworks.  Although entertainment might seem extravagant for a micro wedding, just remember you are saving heaps on your wedding.  So maybe you can afford a band.

11. Rustic micro wedding ideas for the florist

Are you a bit crafty?  If so maybe your wedding flowers could be a good area to do some wedding diy?  This could mean picking flowers from your garden and making custom arrangements.  Or you could buy the flowers you like as single stems or bunches of dried flowers and create your own bouquets.   

On the other hand having a smaller and maybe cheaper wedding might be a great opportunity to invest some money on your flowers.  This is where the rustic micro wedding ideas get exciting.  Firstly, you could pick your dream flower combinations for your arrangements.  So you could have  tulips and orchids rather than hydrangeas and roses.  Secondly, you could up the size of your arrangements and bouquets or even have more displays at your venue.  Lastly, you could consider having a floral wedding arch instead of a wooden one.

Rustic micro wedding ideas for wedding flowers. The image depicts a close up of a bouquet held by a bride
Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

12. Rustic ideas for your wedding outfits

Rustic micro wedding ideas for your outfits. The image depicts a bride and groom standing together under a tree
Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Even though a micro wedding is smaller it doesn’t mean you have to go lowkey with the outfits, that is unless you want too of course.  For rustic micro wedding ideas for the dress try Grace Loves Lace which are great for elegant dresses that are also stunning.  Another option is to check out Etsy for lots of independent designers.  Our favourite being Wardrobe by Dulcinea which has a great range of separates to mix and match your perfect outfit.  For the groom a micro wedding can be a great excuse for a casual suit without a tie.  Or maybe some jeans and cool blazer.  Check out our blogs on rustic eloping outfits and where to buy a stunning rustic wedding dress

13. Rustic micro wedding ideas for your decorations

The list of rustic micro wedding ideas for your decorations is huge and really deserves an entire article to itself.  But for now here are some great ideas.  If you need anymore check out our post about rustic wedding ceremony decorations and more general wedding decorations.   As said above you can use drapes and fairy lights to divide up the space and change the atmosphere but for the rustic touch you could also use hay bales.  Also for the ceremony you could go extra bold with your arch, maybe use some of your flower budget to get a stunning dried flowers look.  Or you can use old door frames or doors as your ceremony focus.  Maybe get some plants and trees to decorate your aisle, tables or reception space.  The skies the limit really.  Just don’t think a micro wedding means boring decorations.

Rustic wedding ceremony decorations. Image shows a ceremony arbor of wood, fabric and flowers in a wooden barn setting with lamps
Photo by Joel Paim from Pexels
Rustic wedding decorations idea - bunting
Image by Foxy_ from Pixabay

14. Your rustic wedding favours

Not to sound like a broken record but having a micro wedding can actually mean you can go large with your details.  This is what makes your rustic micro wedding ideas so exciting.  So instead of gifting small wedding favours because your large guest list only gives you £1 per guest, you can buy proper gifts.  

Potentially you could buy personalised gifts for each guest.  Or just invest more money per guest so that they can get something they love.  Some great rustic wedding favours are condiments like olive oil, sauces and spices.  Another option is pot plants and dried flower arrangements that can double up as your decorations.  Or you could even create a wedding survival kit with a reusable water bottle, some mints, flip flops and paracetamol.

rustic micro wedding ideas for your favours include chocolate cake pops depicted in this image
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay
Rustic micro wedding ideas for your wedding favours include pot plantsafy plant growing
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

15. A rustic micro wedding breakfast

Your wedding breakfast is often the biggest expense with a traditional wedding.  So it can also be an area of greatest compromise.  After all buying dinner for a hundred people is probably going to mean you cannot afford your dream foods or waiter service.  However, depending on your budget a micro wedding could mean you can afford to make your meal a highlight with your favourite foods and maybe a la carte service.  As such this is one of our favourite rustic micro wedding ideas!  But it is still important that you have a good idea of your budget before getting too carried away.  Also make sure to talk to a bunch of caterers about their service, their prices and their menu ideas before picking the best option.  To find your perfect caterer check who your venue recommends or try Hitched’s online directory.

Rustic Wedding Flowers - Wedding bouquet on a wooden table

So are you all set for your micro wedding?  Are there any great ideas we missed?  Let us in the comments!

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