Planning your rustic wedding ceremony decorations will really set the tone and theme of your wedding.  Of course if your wedding ceremony is taking place in a barn or a field it will be easier to set your rustic tone.  But if you are going with a church ceremony or a town hall wedding you can still up the rustic feel with these ideas.

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Flowers and Plants As Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Flowers and plants can be a big part of your rustic wedding ceremony decorations. You can use garlands hanging around the venue, rustic bouquets tied to the chairs or trees placed as aisle markers. There are lots of options but if you are doing the decorations yourself you could also look at fabric flowers or dried flowers which will survive being set up the night before the ceremony.   On the other hand if you are using fresh flowers maybe include leaves, twigs and feathers to make the arrangements extra rustic.

1. Trees For Your Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Rustic micro wedding ideas for your wedding favours include pot plantsafy plant growing
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

If you have the budget trees in pots can make stunning rustic wedding ceremony decorations. They can be placed as aisle markers, as the backdrop to your ceremony or at the entrance to your venue.   Although they are pricey, if you are lucky you might be able to hire or even borrow some trees from your local garden center.   Or check out the Woodland Trust online for their range of trees.

2. Dried Flowers For Your Venue

rustic wedding flowers - Dried flowers being arranged in a vase by a person only partially in shot. These can be great rustic wedding ceremony decorations
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The most rustic of all plants and flowers are dried flowers especially if you add some twigs.  Again if your budget can stretch to it you could purchase large arrangements of dried flowers as your aisle markers or entrance way flowers.  If your budget is a bit smaller you can make your own arrangements with dried flowers from Etsy or buy small bunches to place or hang around your venue.   Another option is wreaths and hoops made of dried flowers.  These can also be found on Etsy and can be easily hung on your chairs or the walls.

3. Fresh Flower Decorations

Having fresh flowers as your ceremony decorations is a bit more traditional than dried flowers and trees.  As such, they can also be a bit easier to  arrange.  For fresh flower wedding ceremony decorations you should really check out your local florist first.  They will have  various options and designs for your ceremony decorations which will just require you to choose your colours, flowers and style as well as your price.  If you are looking for a slightly more budget option you could check out Interflora.  They have heaps of designs on their website and they have wedding packages so that you can order your bouquets, buttonholes and decorations all in one go if you wish.  Also you might want to consider eco friendly wedding flowers to keep the environmental footprint of your wedding low.

Rustic wedding flowers - Bunches of fresh flowers for wedding ceremony decorations
Photo by Secret Garden from Pexels

4. Herbs Can be Wedding Ceremony Decorations

These might seem like a random  choice for your wedding ceremony decorations but they are super rustic.  Also when your ceremony is over you can take them home to plant in your garden or use in your cooking.  There are lots of options from large rosemary bushes to bunches of dried herbs tied to the chairs.  You could also include herbs in your bouquet or other ceremony decorations.

5. Vines As Decorations

Close up of ivy which can be great rustic wedding ceremony decorations
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Other great plants to use for wedding ceremony decorations are vines that can be hung around your venue.  Although real flowers are available fake flowers and plants will work great too.  Also fake vines can be hung easily around your venue, will last a long time and won’t cause an infestation of ivy at your venue later on.  Etsy and Amazon have some great faux vines that your guests will never know are fake.

6. Other plants For Your Decorations

Of course you can do most of these wedding ceremony decoration ideas with other plants.  So you could use rose bushes instead of trees or succulents instead of dried flowers.  Whatever you choose make sure you stick to your budget and  maybe think about what you will do with the plants after the ceremony.  Even if you just give them to your family as gifts.

Seats Can Also Be Wedding Ceremony Decorations

You might not think of seats as wedding ceremony decorations but with your seats taking up most of the ceremony space they can be a big part of setting your rustic scene.

View of a beach location for a wedding ceremony with wooden seats and flowers in the foreground. Chairs are also wedding ceremony decorations
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

7. Wooden Chairs and Benches

The great thing about a rustic theme wedding is that often the simplest option is the most rustic.  So for a rustic wedding ceremony you can simply put out rows of wooden chairs and benches without any embellishment.  On the other hand if you want to you can make your wooden chairs extra rustic with lace or bunches of flowers tied to the backs of the chairs.  To get yourself some wooden chairs and benches check out your local hire companies.  Also check what your venue has in stock as they might be able to provide the chairs as part of your wedding package.  

8. Bales Of Hay Or Straw

If you are able to get hold of them, hay and straw bales can be great rustic seating.  If you are getting married outdoors in a rural setting check with your venue because they might be able to get hold of bales for you.  Once you have them you perhaps just want to get a roll of fabric from amazon to cover the tops in case you have any fussy guests.  

Arbors or Arches For Your Wedding Ceremony Decorations

For an outdoor ceremony your arbor or arch is going to be the centrepiece of your wedding. It will be the backdrop of all your ceremony photos as well as the point of focus for your guests before the ceremony begins.  For this reason if you are going to splurge on any aspect or your wedding ceremony decorations it should probably be your arbor.  For some inspiration check out our pinterest board for rustic wedding arches

Rustic wedding ceremony decorations
Photo by Joel Paim from Pexels
Rustic wedding ceremony decorations
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

9. DIY Wedding Ceremony Arches

Wedding arches might seem complicated but really they are just a basic frame with fabric or flowers draped on them.  To build the frame you can get everything you need from B&Q.  For the embellishments try Etsy or Hobbycraft for faux flowers, ribbon, fabric and string to drape around your frame.  Or you could also buy a ready to go frame from Etsy that you or your florist could then embellish with flower arrangements.  

10. Pre-made Arches For Your Wedding Ceremony

If you are not up for a diy effort your venue or florist can probably help you with finding the perfect wedding arch.  Your local hire company might also have some arches available. 

Aisle Marker Wedding Ceremony Decorations

If you have a lower budget you can probably skip this section as aisle markers are not strictly necessary.  However they can take your wedding ceremony space to the next level and add a beautiful rustic touch. They are usually placed at the ends of each row of seats where the aisle runs as an extra decoration. 

11. Lamps For Your Wedding Ceremony

For an evening ceremony lamps make beautiful atmospheric aisle markers.  Although they are a bit tricky as you need to get power to each lamp and they are more expensive wedding ceremony decorations than other options.  Also at the end of your ceremony you will have a few extra lamps than you probably need in your house.  To find the right lamps check out Etsy.

Rustic wedding decorations idea - lamps
Image by Marko Tomic from Pixabay

12. Ribbon or Lace Wedding Ceremony Decorations

A simple wedding ceremony decoration can just be tying lace or ribbon in a bows on the side of your chairs on the aisle.  You can get lots of beautiful ribbon and lace on Etsy.

13. Carpet Or Fabric Wedding Ceremony Decorations

If your ceremony is in an unconventional destination you may consider laying fabric  or old carpets down your aisle to mark its significance.  You can hire these from your local wedding supplier or purchase a role of fabric from Etsy or Amazon.  For old rugs and carpet you could ask your venue if they have any or check out your local charity shops leading up to your wedding.

Wedding ceremony with wooden and fabric arbor, the bride and groom facing away from the camera and guests watching them. This image shows great rustic wedding ceremony decorations
Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

14. Letters And Numbers For Your Ceremony Space

Large letters or numbers can be hung on the sides of the chairs near the aisle or placed on the ground along the aisle.  This way they can mark the different rows or spell words that are significant to you.  To buy your letters and numbers check out Etsy and Amazon.

Bunting For Your Wedding Decorations

Bunting adds a great low key rustic look to any place but especially your wedding ceremony venue.  So if you are getting married inside you can hang bunting from the ceiling and walls.   On the other hand if you are having an outdoors ceremony you could incorporate bunting into your arch or hang it from the backs of your seating.

15. Ready Made Bunting For Your Wedding Ceremony

Etsyhas heaps of bunting options for your wedding ceremony decorations.   They have heart buntingcolourful bunting or ivory bunting as well as everything in between.   

Bunting as wedding ceremony decorations. Image shows bunting hanging from a green leafy tree
Image by stokpic from Pixabay

16. DIY Bunting For Your Wedding Decorations

Or you can make bunting yourself.  It is pretty easy to make bunting but you will need fabric, pinking shears, bias tape, a needle and some thread.   You can get all these supplies from Hobbycraft and a good guide to get you started is on the Ideal Home website.  

Lights For Your Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Lighting can take your rustic wedding ceremony decorations to the next level.  This is obviously best for an evening ceremony but it can still have a great affect in daylight too.  

17. Fairy Light Decorations

Fairy lights are the obvious go to for atmospheric and rustic wedding ceremony decorations. You can string them up around your venue.  Or on the other hand you can string them across the backs of your chairs or down each side of your aisle.   There are heaps of ways to get fairy lights.  Firstly ask your venue if they have any as standard in their wedding set up or if they can be added.  Also these are good to buy in the January sales or just before Christmas when the prices are massively reduced.  Lastly you can always find heaps of fairy lights in different styles and colours on Amazon at a fairly reasonable price.

Rustic wedding ceremony decorations. Image shows a ceremony arbor of wood, fabric and flowers in a wooden barn setting with lamps
Photo by Joel Paim from Pexels

18. Candles For Your Wedding Ceremony

You can also candles as wedding ceremony decorations by placing them around the venue and at your altar.  The only issue being you need someone on hand to light them all before your ceremony.  Also check your venue will take responsibility for the fire safety when your ceremony is over.  No one wants a fire on the wedding day!  Not On The High Street has lots of beautiful large and ornate candles or you can buy tea lights in bulk from Amazon for a cheaper but still stunning look.

Rustic wedding decorations idea - candles in glass holders
Image by Stefan Nyffenegger from Pixabay
Wedding ceremony decorations. Image shows tea lights in glass holders on a table with a white table cloth and a bouquet
Image by Daniel Park from Pixabay

Ceremony Signs Can Be Wedding Decorations

sign welcoming your guests, telling them where to park or directing them to your ceremony venue can really signal the theme of your wedding and add an extra element to your decorations.   They also can be quite cheap if you make them yourself.

19. Ready Made Signs For Your Wedding

There are quite a few options in the ready to go wedding signs.  Firstly your venue might have some generic wedding signs they use.  If they are a bit rustic they might be worth using instead of spending any money on new signs.  Secondly you can buy beautiful wedding signs on Etsy which can be customised to the wording you want.  They are also not too expensive with some signs as cheap as £9.80.  Lastly for an even cheaper option you could try Sell My Wedding which sometimes has wedding signs for fairly cheap prices.  Just make sure the wording is what you want.

20. DIY Wedding Signs For Your Decorations

To make your own perfectly rustic wedding signs all you need is an old pallet that you can pull apart, some paint and maybe a saw and stencils.  Then just paint the words you want on the wood and hang it or attach it to a post on your big day.  These signs are great because you can often get pallets for free and just use some old paint you have stored in the garage.  Its a bargain! 

Rustic wedding decorations idea - wedding sign on wood with white writing and a red bow
Image by Graham Gladstone from Pixabay

Do you know how you will decorate you wedding ceremony venue now?  If you need some ideas for your reception venue decorations check out our list of the best rustic wedding decorations and let us know what you are planning in the comments.

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