Choosing your rustic wedding flowers is maybe not at the top of everyone’s to do list when it comes to planning a wedding.  Some people love choosing flowers and have an instinctual ability to pick the right bouquet.  Personally I found it really hard to get my head around it all when there are so many ideas and designs online.   Of course traditionally you would have gone to your local florist months in advance for a consultation.  Now you can obviously still go to your local florist but you can also buy your rustic wedding bouquet online.  You can get dried flowers or even fake flowers for your bouquet or you can make your own arrangement.  Whatever you choose these are my four favourite sources of rustic wedding flowers no matter what your budget is.

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1. Rustic Wedding Flowers At Interflora

You might not think of interflora as a rustic wedding flowers option but with their large range of florists and designs they could be your best bet for rustic bouquets.  They have a huge range of bouquets for tiny budgets up to the more expensive variety’s. Some of the designs might be more traditional, although who said rustic couldn’t incorporate some traditional flowers?  

Although Interflora is a large company they use local florists to make and ship all their bouquets so you can be sure to get your rustic wedding flowers from a local florist.  They also offer three wedding packages for your bouquets, buttonholes and corsages ranging from £250 to £990 depending on whether you require venue flowers as well as bouquets.  These packages can make getting your rustic wedding bouquets cheaper but if you have more than two bridesmaids you will have to pay more.  Also for a bridal bouquet on its own from Interflora you are looking at around £33 to £173 per bouquet.

Rustic wedding invitations with flowers and white shoes

2. Rustic Wedding Bouquets at Etsy

Etsy might not be your first thought when it comes to wedding flowers but there are so many designs and sellers on Etsy it always has something interesting and beautiful to see.  Of course if you are looking on Etsy for your rustic wedding bouquet you probably will not find fresh flowers.  However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.   You can find dried flowersfake flowers and even paper flower bouquets on Etsy.  These options are great for weddings because they will keep fresh and beautiful for a long time so you can get your flowers delivered before the wedding day and tick one thing off your wedding day to do list.  It also means you and your bridesmaids can have your bouquets as keepsake long after the ceremony.   Moreover dried flowers are extra rustic!

The designs on Etsy range from £10 to £1,400 so there is definitely something for every budget.  However, as always check the sellers reviews and customer photos before making a purchase.  Just in case the seller is not legit.

Rustic Wedding Flowers - Wedding bouquet on a wooden table
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3. Hand Make Your Rustic Wedding Flowers

Depending on what kind of look you are after you could potentially save a lot of money by making your rustic wedding bouquet yourself. I would recommend you use dried flowers or fake flowers for this as trying to make your bouquet with real flowers adds an extra level stress in trying to get it all right in time for your wedding day.  Besides there are beautiful fake flowers available now that no one will guess are not fresh and what is more rustic than dried flowers? 

To make you rustic wedding bouquet you will first need string or raffia, decorative ribbon, lace or fabric for the handle, scissors, secateurs and a clean work surface.  Then of course you will need to pick your flowers.  You can get fake flowers and dried flowers from EtsyAmazon and Hobbycraft. If you are buying from Etsy and Amazon make sure to check the reviews before making your purchases.   If you want to try your hand at making your own bouquet check out the Wedding Chicks for a guide on using fake flowers and afloral for dried flowers. 

rustic wedding flowers - Dried flowers being arranged in a vase by a person only partially in shot. These can be great rustic wedding ceremony decorations
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4. Get Your Rustic Wedding Bouquet at Your Local Florist

As with most things it is always great to support a local business. However, that does not mean the internet cannot help you find the best rustic wedding flowers.  To find a local florist there are a couple of websites you can use including Interflora’s directory and for more wedding specific florists try Hitched and Guides For Brides .  You can also obviously just google the florists in your area and check our their websites.  

Whichever method you use to find a florist there are a few things to keep in mind before booking a florist.  Firstly, try to get some indication of prices from a few florists so that you have a clear idea of the potential costs and what your budget will allow.  Secondly, make use of florist consultations to really check out the florists work and to get a clear picture of what you are after in your bouquets.  During the consultation a florist should show you some designs and pictures of their previous work so you can see whether their style works for you.   Thirdly, enjoy it!  How often do you get to hang out with beautiful flowers and talk about designs and colours with a florist?

Rustic wedding flowers - Bunches of fresh flowers for wedding ceremony decorations
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So those are your options for rustic wedding bouquets...

Even though I have only suggested four options the designs and flower possibilities are pretty endless so it is good to have a basic idea of what you are after before hitting Etsy or your local florist.  But don’t tie yourself down too much. You never know what other ideas you might be cutting yourself off from.  If you are looking for inspiration check out our pinterest board or let me know below if I have missed any great rustic wedding bouquet options. 

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