Your wedding invitations will set the tone of your wedding immediately! So, if you are after a rustic themed wedding think browns, white lace, string, flowers and leaves. But there are really endless rustic wedding invitations online these days!  So much so that to be honest it can be really overwhelming trying to slog through them and find your perfect design at the right price. Personally we used Vistaprint for our save the dates because they were quick, easy and cheap(ish) and Etsy for the wedding invitations because they were just a little bit more special and we had finalised most of our details at this point. 

One thing you need to keep in mind whilst you choose your invites is your budget. Wedding invitations are one of those deceptively expensive wedding costs that you forget to add to your budget. Just remember £3 per invite sounds cheap but it adds up for 100 people, especially when you add in postage.  So if you are looking for your perfect rustic wedding invitations here are 18 places to checkout.

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1. Does Etsy have your rustic wedding invitations?

Etsy is a great place to find rustic wedding invitations. There are heaps of options in lots of different price brackets.  They stock everything from the diy invites and  digital templates to high end custom invites.  Though one thing I found hard with using Etsy for wedding invitations is the pricing can sometimes be hard to filter. Some sellers only have prices listed for sample packs or the price they advertise is really just for one card when you need 100. This can make it hard to find what you are after within your budget but never fear I have found some great designs for all budgets!  For budget options check out STNstationery and FeelGoodInvites.  If you are after more middle of range invitation invitation options try EveryEventStationary and LintonCardsandCrafts.  However, if you have a large budget check out MonoArtAndDesign or IndyBeeCrafts.     

Rustic wedding invitations with flowers and white shoes
Photo by Abet Llacer from Pexels

2. Not on the High Street Rustic Wedding Invitations

Much like Etsy there are a lot of beautifully designed wedding invitations here from different artists and shops. With so many different designers and shops on Not on the High Street the prices for wedding invitations go from 60p to £4.75 per invite.  As such, Not on the High Street has something for every budget.  

3. Vistaprint Invitations

A company to check out is Vistaprint .  Although there are not many rustic wedding invitation designs on their website they are always worth a look if only because you can get a rustic invitation for around 50p per card. Also you can probably guess Vistaprint specialise in printing so there are no lace, string or other embellishments with their designs. That being said they are an easy and cheaper option so if they have a design you like you are in luck. 

5. OptimalPrint for rustic wedding invitations

Woman holding a save the date card - example of rustic wedding invitations
Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Similar to VistaprintOptimalPrint is a company that specialise in printed products including photo-books, canvas prints and cards.  OptimalPrint also have a big range of wedding invitations that can be customised with your names, dates etc. These cost around £1 to £2.50 per card depending on how many you buy but they often have sales so you will probably find the prices are cheaper from time to time.  On the other hand if you are a bit artistic you can upload your own design to be printed for around £1.75 per invite!

5. Norma&Dorothy rustic invites

A great company to get all your rustic wedding stationary from is Norma&Dorothy.  They stock every type of wedding related card you need and their design aesthetic is very rustic. You can customise the wording and colours on each design and in some cases you can redesign the whole card.  Consequently to make sure you are happy with your rustic wedding invitations Norma&Dorothy can send you paper samples (for a fee) and they will send you a free digital proof of your design before they start printing.  The prices at Norma&Dorothy range from £1.40 to £2.50  per invite depending on the number you need.

6. Rosemood has your rustic wedding invitations

I don’t know if it is because Rosemood is French in origin but they have a lot of beautiful designs that I have not seen in other shops and trust me after writing this blog I have seen a lot of similar designs in every shop.  Rosemood offers lots of beautifully designed wedding invites and general wedding stationary so you can get everything to match if you wish. Many of the designs are more classic than rustic but there are still some lovely rustic wedding invitations to choose from. You can also personalise the design and wording online as you create your purchase.  If you are interested in Rosemood for your invites they will cost you around £1 to £2 per invite depending on the number you buy.

7. Pure Invitation

With an entire rustic themed section Pure Invitation has lots of options for your rustic wedding invitations. Their designs are more ornate than others with lots of layering, flowers, lasercut folders and lace. This means their invites are stunning but also more expensive than printed invitations with each invite costing around £2 to £4 each.  If you love Pure Invitations designs and like a bit of paper craft you can also buy their diy packages but be warned they also cost around £1.50 to £4 per invite. 

8. Design your rustic wedding invitations with Moo

Moo helps you create your own rustic wedding invitations by letting you upload a design, use their design software or you can create a design using their templates.  So if you are a bit creative or know someone who is maybe this is the option for you.  The only thing is that Moo is more of a business service so their templates might not be what you are after.  But if you are interested in Moo they will cost a round £1 per invite if you order at least 25.

9. Tree of Hearts Wedding Stationary

This is a website dedicated to wedding stationary including invites, save the dates, table plans, menus – the list is endless.  So with an entire section of the Tree of Hearts website dedicated to rustic wedding invitations you can bet there are a bunch of great designs to choose from.  However, if you are looking for a more ornate design with lace or twine embellishments this is not the shop for you because the designs on Tree of Hearts are of the printed variety.  This being said some of their designs are in the cheaper price range costing around £1.30 per invite up to £3 per invite.

Rustic wedding invitations
Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

10. Bride and Groom Direct for your rustic invites

If you are needing some extra advice on what kind of invitation to buy, what wording to use and when to send out your invites, Bride and Groom Direct can help as well as sell you some rustic wedding invitations.  You can shop by theme or colour on their website so you can cut straight to their rustic collection which includes 37 designs.  Although Bride and Groom Direct only have 37 design they are one of the cheapest shops costing 99p per invite. So as you can imagine these are printed invites with no embellishments.

11. Hobbycraft For Your DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations

If you want more of a do it yourself option you should try Hobbycraft.  This is because Hobbycraft have all the cards, envelopes and templates that you need to create your own beautiful and unique design. Although these rustic wedding invitations are quite cheap with some costing £2 for a pack of 10 you will need to be prepared to hand write your invites for all of your guests. On the other hand if you are super creative you can create any design with the supplies from Hobbycraft.

12. Do Daisy Chain Invites Have Your Rustic Wedding Invitations?

If you are on a budget Daisy Chain Invites makes it easy to search by your price bracket.  This way you will not fall in love with a beautiful cut work design only to find its £2 over budget.  With this in mind it is also good to know that Daisy Chain Invites has some of cheapest invites I have seen at only 60p each.  Although Daisy Chain Invites only has a small selection of vintage and rustic designs they have a good mix of print and embellished invites costing between 80p and £3 each. 

13. Hitched Has Your Invitations

Rustic wedding invitations are not a category on Hitched. However, there are still some great printed designs with all the rustic flavour you need.  To search for your perfect design you can filter the colour, size and format of your invitations to narrow down your options. As the invitations available at Hitched are mainly printed with no embellishments they are slightly cheaper than other places costing around £1.50 per invite. Though Hitched often has sales so if you are lucky your invites might be even cheaper. 

14. Rustic Wedding Invitations At Papier

The final wedding invitation option is Papier.  This website is a bit like Vistaprint and OptimalPrint in that they make personalised photo books, cards, posters and wedding invitations. They also have 97 rustic wedding invitations for you to choose from.  These invitations do not include any embellishments but they still cost around £2 to £4 per invite.  

Upgrading your invitations can make a small wedding extra special. Image shows white invitations with ribbon
Image courtesy of Pixabay

So who will you buy your rustic wedding invitations from?

Let us know who you went with in the comments below.  Or did we miss any great shops?  Good luck with your rustic wedding invitation shopping!

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