Whether you are anxious about being the center of attention, living up to family expectations or how to organise your wedding dreams into reality it can be debilitating.  Add Covid-19 and continually changing government regulations and you have a recipe for wedding planning anxiety.  This can take over your life and turn what should be a fun experience and the best day of your life into a nightmare.  We can’t change the givernement rules or get rid of Covid-19 but we can offer some tips and advice to get you through this time.  Then hopefully you can have your dream rustic wedding.

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Let go of past wedding plans

If you have had to postpone or cancel your wedding it is definitely ok to be upset.  Actually it is not just ok, it is to be expected.  So now is the time to grieve for your lost wedding, for not getting married when you wanted, for having to cut down your guest list and cancel the overseas honeymoon.  Grieve for your lost plans, know that it is not your fault and that no matter what you can still get married which is the whole point right?  Therefore grieve, get upset and then pick yourself up and start a new wedding dream.

Talk it out to beat your wedding planning anxiety

If you are feeling anxious tell your family and friends about it.  Let them know what is troubling you and how you feel.  This way they can not just help you by listening to your anxieties but they might also be able to help you with solutions.  However, be careful about who you seek advice from.  You do not want everyone you know constantly asking you about your wedding plans and bringing up your wedding planning anxieties.  

Write down what you are scared of

What is causing your wedding planning anxiety? Take some time to sit down and think about what you are worrying about.  Write everything you think of even if you think it sounds trivial until you have a list of all your worries.  Then get your partner to do the same thing so that you can compare your lists and examine each worry as a team.   It sounds really simple but by actually writing down the things that are worrying you and thinking about how they will affect your day you will be able to plan for each eventuality and therefore ease your wedding planning anxiety.  

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Make a plan and maybe a plan B and plan C

Once you have your master list of all your wedding planning anxieties it is time to make your plans. Go through each potential problem and ask yourselves whether your worry will really affect your wedding, whether you could continue with your plans if your worry happened and what you can do to fix it.  So if your granny can’t come because she is shielding will you cancel your wedding? Will you find a way to include her in a different way or will you just carry on?  Whatever your concerns are go through each of them but maybe not in one go.  You will need to pace yourself or the worries will overwhelm you.  

Embrace imperfection to beat wedding planning anxiety

This is great advice for all wedding expectations really but it is especially important in 2020!    There are so many pressures with weddings and you will have been thinking about what your day will be like for a long time.  This can up your wedding planning anxiety and take away from the enjoyment of the day as you put emphasis on getting it perfect and will lose sight of the important stuff.  For a Covid-19 wedding this is extra important!  You will not be able to have the big party you dreamed of, you might need to wear a mask and you might not be allowed to dance.  But you will still be married at the end of it and your most important people will still be there.

Consider a wedding planner

If your wedding planning anxiety is still overwhelming and your budget allows maybe consider a wedding planner.  These professionals will be up to date on government advice on Covid-19 and will have great advice about keeping your wedding going and being extra special.  Your venue might even be able to offer wedding planning services if you ask.  Just know that needing some help is super understandable!

Step away from your wedding planning anxiety

When you have a plan it is time to take a step away.  Take a break from wedding planning and do something you enjoy with your partner. Maybe go for a walk, watch a movie, get some takeaways.  Also make time to be social with your friends or family.  But make sure you make these catch ups a wedding free zone.  Another good idea is to limit your social media time.  Although social media can be a good way to stay connected when you feel isolated it can also be a minefield of triggering or upsetting content. So maybe take a break.  Whatever you choose just know that your plan is set and that you are ready for everything! 

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Take care of yourself and your partner

Your wedding is not important enough to damage your health or well being.  So meditate, do yoga, do some exercise, eat healthy and go for a walk.  Maybe make a regular date night with your fiance, take a bath, read a book whatever makes you or your partner feel good and happy.

Maybe elope to beat wedding planning anxiety

If all else fails maybe elope?  This way the planning is minimal and it is unlikely to be stopped by the government or Covid-19.  Check out our guide to eloping or the best reasons to elope.

Hopefully this will help at least a little bit with your wedding planning anxiety.  If you need anymore advice reach out in the comments or email [email protected]  

This post is offered as a potential guide for dealing with wedding planning anxiety but is no way a substitute for medical advice from a registered professional.  If you are experiencing anxiety please contact your doctor to discuss your situation.


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