Wondering what to wear when you elope.  Here is the good news – when you elope you are in charge! You make the rules.  This means that you can wear anything you want. Absolutely anything that you like and you feel beautiful or comfortable in. I mean, isn’t this one of the big reasons why you want to elope? So that you can wear what you want, where you want and say what you want in your vows without having a distant aunt getting offended by your behaviour?  Therefore, if you want to wear a full ball gown to your local registry office or a cowboy outfit in Gretna Green go for it!  But if your elopement is rustic themed these are some great ideas to get you started figuring out what to wear when you elope.

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What to wear when you elope?

1. Rustic bridal separates for your elopement

Woman standing and wearing a white crop top and skirt
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Personally I love bridal separates for a traditional wedding and eloping. It gives you so much freedom to mix up your outfit throughout the day.  So when figuring out what to wear when you elope bridal separates are my number one idea.  They are a great way of getting a bit of bridal design into your outfit without it being over the top. So you could pair an elaborate skirt with a casual top or a corset with a pair of trousers. 

For some great bridal separate designs check out Wardrobe by Dulcinea on Etsy.  Their designs cost around £390 to £961 which is super cheap when you take into account the quality of their dresses.  Another place to check out for bridal separates is BHLDN which have a large collection of bridal separates costing between £180 and £1000.  Often the skirt is the most expensive part so if you are on a budget maybe spend the money on the top and buy a shorter or non-bridal skirt.

2. Colourful elopement outfits

If you are not having a traditional wedding you maybe do not need to wear white either. Also without a wedding colour theme you are free to choose any colour dress you like. You just might want to ask what your partner is planning to wear so that you don’t turn up in clashing colours. There are heaps of colourful and beautiful dresses on the high street and online. Maybe check out Phase Eight or Monsoon for colourful dresses.   The great thing about this option is that there is no price limit.  So you could spend anywhere from £5 at your local charity shop to  £22,000 on Net-A-Porter.

Woman wearing a yellow dress - what to wear when you elope
Fiorella Frill Hem Wrap Dress from Phase Eight
Woman wearing a plain dress - what to wear when you elope
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3. Rustic elopement outfits can have prints!

You could also take the colour option a step further with prints. For the rustic look, floral patterns are a great idea. Going with a print dress can also save you heaps of money because your dress is no longer in the bridal wear section. There are lots of options here including more budget dresses at AsosDebenhams and John Lewis. On the other hand you could go full designer and check out Harvey Nichols.  Also like the colour dresses you have to set your own budget.  Print dresses can cost anything!

Woman with bare legs wearing a print dress. She is seen from the waist down
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4. Jumpsuits for your rustic elopement

Sometimes you just want to wear trousers! Jumpsuits can be an awesome comfortable alternative to dresses. They may not sound very rustic but House of Ollichon has lots of great (surprisingly rustic) bridal options which they designed with this situation in mind.  Outfits range from £875 to £1,250.  If you are after a more budget jumpsuit option you should try Asos.   Their jumpsuits are less bridal but they still have some great casual white options at around £15 to £50.

5. Tea length dresses for your rustic outfit

For the full bridal look but cheaper and a bit more low key try a tea length dress.  These wedding dresses can be great for an elopement because the shorter skirt makes them a bit more low key without being non-bridal and casual.  Also they look great on most body shapes and the shorter skirt tends to make these styles cheaper than full wedding dresses.  To find your perfect tea length dress try your regular bridal boutiques which often stock a few shorter dresses.   Also check out BHLDN or Etsy online for designs costing around £200 to £500.

6. Suits for your elopement

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Although the groom does not have to wear a suit to his elopement, the bride can choose to wear one!  Lots of bridal designers stock suits for the bride these days and you could also go with a non-white suit option. Try House of Ollichon for bridal suits or trousers and top combinations costing around £875 to £1,250. 

For a non-bridal design check out Debenhams and Reiss who have women’s tailored suits costing between £50 and £300. 

7. What to wear when you elope - shoes

When deciding what to wear when you elope you need to consider accessories.  The most exciting bit about the eloping outfit for me is the shoes. With the more casual vibe of an elopement you can go with the ultimate comfortable shoes. Some people might not be as excited about this as me but I love the idea of bootssandals (even maybe flip flops?) and pumps as wedding shoes. Boots can also be a great way to make a more elegant outfit casual. You could also go with no shoes if your are having a summer or spring wedding! Of course if you want high heels go for it after all it might be the perfect excuse to buy a fancy pair of shoes from Harvey Nichols.  

Image by Brittany Colpitts from Pixabay

8. What to wear when you elope - jackets

An autumn or winter elopement outfit can also be made more casual with a cool jacket or coat. This could also be an excuse to upgrade your winter jackets on your wedding budget! There are heaps of jacket and coat options on the high street or in vintage shops. Maybe you could check out Etsy for a vintage or handmade item  ranging in price from £50 to £400.  Anthropologie has a good selection of casual jackets costing £90 to £300. Or you could go all out and look at Selfridges collection.  Their prices range from £25 to £8,120.  Even a summer elopement might require a jacket at some point so make sure you have one planned.

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Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels
Photo by Jacob Prose from Pexels

Do you know what you will wear when you elope now?  If you are still looking for some elopement advice check out our ultimate guide to eloping in the UK and the top reasons to elope or check out our Pinterest board.  Let us know in the comments if you need more ideas or if you are good to go now.

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