Well 2020 has not been the best year for weddings so far and it is not looking like this will change any time soon.  With this is in mind we were wondering why people choose to elope.  So including the elephant in the room (hello Covid-19 ruiner of all 2020 wedding plans) what are the top ten reasons to elope in 2020?

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Reasons to Elope 1 - Big Weddings Scare You

One of the most obvious reasons to elope is that you just  do not like the idea of a big wedding.  Maybe the idea of standing up in front of everyone you know and reciting your vows gives you hives.  Or perhaps you don’t like the idea of everything that comes with a big wedding.  The decorations, the planning, the flowers, the favours, the fuss.  If you are after a more simple wedding eloping is the most simple type of wedding you can get.  

Why You Should Elope 2 - To Focus On You And Your Partner

Often with large weddings the focus seems to shift away from the couple and on to other peoples expectation.  Maybe you need to have a church wedding to keep your grandma happy when you are an atheist.  Perhaps you have to spend a fortune on cute favours because that what is expected, right?  Or possibly you just realised that with hundreds of guests you are not going to have time to speak to everyone.  This can feel overwhelming and takes the focus away from what a wedding is really about – marrying your partner.  But if you elope the focus is back on you and your relationship.   

Reasons To Elope 3 - Your Wedding Budget

Elopements are obviously a lot cheaper than even the smallest of weddings.   At the most basic level this is because you only have to buy dinner for the two of you and not 100 of your closest family and friends.  However, not everyone elopes to save money.  Often it is more about what you want to do with your money.  If you want to get married in a castle or in an exotic location it is much more affordable when you elope. Or possibly you just want to use your money to buy a house or go on a non-wedding trip.  When you elope you can choose what you want to prioritise with your hard earned money.

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Reasons To Elope 4 - Wedding Planning is Stressful

It is no secret that planning a wedding is hard.  It is time consuming and stressful.  Also wedding planning requires organisational and budgeting skills that some people spend years training for.  Yet you are expected to miraculously have these skills because you  got engaged.  So eloping can be the answer for a lot of people.  After all how hard can be to organise just the two of you and maybe a celebrant and photographer? 

Reasons to elope - wedding planning is hard
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Should You Elope? 5 - You Want a Destination Wedding

Maybe you really want to get married in an overseas rustic location .  Or possibly you have a special place you want to have your wedding ceremony but it is overseas or up a mountain.  If you plan a traditional wedding in these locations not many of your guests will be able to make it.  Perhaps this will cause dramas with friends and families that feel forced to use their annual leave and income to attend your wedding.  The answer to this is to decide what is more important to you and what you are wanting from your wedding.  If it is the holiday and location then the best plan is for you to elope there.  This is also a great excuse for an extended honeymoon.

Reasons to Elope 6 - You Value Experience Over Stuff

Its no secret that weddings involve a lot of stuff.  For some people that is one of the fun parts of getting married.  You get the wedding dress, the craft projects, the flowers, the decorations, the presents.  For other people it sounds like a lot of stuff you only enjoy for one day.  If you are one of those people you might want to focus on the experience you are after and elope instead.  You could get married whilst on a hike, or up a mountain, after kayaking down a river or just in your local registry office.  Whatever experience you want for your wedding it is more possible when you don’t have a large venue, decorations and flower budget to pay for.

Rustic micro wedding ideas. The image depicts a wedding arbor on a beach with flowers, white fabric and a chalk board with 'just married' written on it
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels2

Why You Should Elope 7 - Weddings Create Too Much Waste

Maybe this is not something a website dedicated to weddings should say but just as weddings involve a lot of stuff they also involve a lot of waste.  With the environment becoming a bigger priority for some people the idea of people flying or driving long distances to attend their wedding does not sit right with them.  Add to this all the consumerism involved with a wedding and you could end up with more waste than you would like.  With this in mind your best bet for getting married and feeling comfortable and happy about your environmental impact is to elope.

Reasons To Elope 8 - To Avoid Family Drama

One of the more stressful aspects of wedding planning is handling your family.  Perhaps your parents are separated and hate each other, maybe your mother in law has strong opinions on how your wedding should be, maybe you just simply do not get on with your family.  In this case sometimes it is easier and more enjoyable to elope with your partner.  This way you can avoid a lot of the drama.  But be warned some people might not like you eloping so there might still be some family drama to deal with.

Why You Should Elope 9 - There Are No Planning Constraints

One of the best things about eloping is that you can plan anything.  Only you and your partner will be there so only you and your partner need to like what you plan.  You no longer have to worry about offending distant relatives with any unconventional plans because they will not be there to be offended.  So get creative and have fun coming up with the best ideas for you.

Reasons To Elope 10 - Covid-19

Well this blog is about eloping in 2020 so Covid-19 kinda has to make an appearance.  Personally Covid-19 is the main reason we decided to elope.  We cancelled our wedding in March and decided to elope instead.  For us being unsure when things would go back to normal, let alone when relatives in NZ would be able to travel made planning a wedding way too hard.  Now things are changing in the UK.  However,  it has not changed enough to let you have a large traditional wedding or the certainty that you will not have to cancel your plans.  So you might consider eloping.  If you elope you can get married sooner and in the way you want.  You can always throw a big wedding reception in a year or so when things are a bit more normal and you can get insurance for all your costs  

Rustic wedding decorations idea - wedding sign on wood with white writing and a red bow
Image by Graham Gladstone from Pixabay

So now you know the reasons to elope...

With all these reasons to elope in mind do you think you will elope?  Let us know what you are planning in the comments below and if you are thinking it might be a good plan to elope, sign up to our free Elopement Guide!

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